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Owen "Flossie" Kurth
The Centralia Sports Hall of Fame
1990 VIP Award Winner


Flossie was not just a fan, for he also played basketball on some of the early teams coached by Arthur Trout at Centralia High School.  In his two year varsity career (1919-1920) Kurth played on teams that had a combined record of 47-6. Two of those losses were to teams from Kansas and Michigan.  

In 1920 he held the 440 record of 52.0.

After his prep career was history, Kurth became one of those most loyal fans: those who traveled the length and width of Illinois to see Centralia play. They were not only fans, but were true backers giving of their time and money. 

Before he was struck with bad health, “Flossie” was one of the few people to see ALL the greats at CHS from “Jumbo” Maddox in 1918 to Cummins, Spurgeon, Eddleman, Mason, Garret, and Berger (1960s) and everyone in between; even to later years when those young athletes didn’t realize Floss had seen it all and those youngsters weren't going to show him anything new.



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