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Raymond "Bud" Donnewald
The Centralia Sports Hall of Fame
1998 VIP Award Winner


Being an avid bowler and golfer himself, the former high school coach saw to it that many others enjoyed sports through his generosity. In 1965, he got into the beer distributing business which allowed him the opportunity to sponsor hundreds of basketball, softball, baseball, and golf league teams in the Centralia area.  

Since his passing, the Bud Donnewald Memorial Golf Tournament was established to benefit athletic projects and scholarships throughout the area. The tournament raised $325,000 in its thirteen year run from 1984 to 1996. Being a former manager of the Carlyle team in the Clinton County baseball league, his Donnewald Distributing Co. has been the only sponsor since the formation of the Centralia Budís in the same league.



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