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1934 Centralia High School Track & Field Team
The Centralia Sports Hall of Fame
1994 Team Award Winner


Back Row- Coach A.L. Trout; Jack Frost-relays; Ed Frazier-distances; Robert Osterholtz-pole vault; Cliff Boles-distances; Ralph Baysinger-hurdles; Carl Benefiel-high jump; Walter Stewart-distances; Carl Morgan-shot discus; Don Fetgatter-distances; Coach T.W. Clarida; Front Row- Howard Heyduck- hurdles; Homer Eggers- discus; Robert Copple-pole vault; William Sundermeyer-distances; Lowell Spurgeon-high jump, relays, broad jump; Ed Curless- javelin, dashes, relays; Lester Arning-dashes; David Waterbury-high jump


After winning all their dual meets and the North Egypt Conference title, three individuals, Lowell Spurgeon, Ed Curless and David Waterbury qualified for the state meet. Spurgeon was high jump (6’ 3”) and the long jump (23’ 7 3/4” state record) champion. Waterbury took fourth in the high jump. As a team, they finished fifth in the state. 

The following is copied from the 1934 yearbook:
   “At the Maplewood relays with over 600 boys contesting, Spurgeon won 3rd place in the high jump, Hays won 2nd in the 220 dash, and Wood won 4th in the discuss throw.
   At the Indian relays Spurgeon won 1st place in the high jump and in the broad jump;  Corzine won 2nd in the broad jump, and tied for 2nd in the pole vault;  Mooney won 2nd in the high hurdles and 3rd in the discuss throw; Wood won 2nd in the discuss throw; Waterbury won 3rd in the high jump; Hayes won 3rd in the 100 yard dash; and the relay team won 3rd place.
   At the Salem Dual Meet all of the boys placed in their particular event.
   In the Carlyle Cross Country Run every boy on the Centralia track team managed to place in their particular event giving Centralia 1st place at this meet.
   At the District meet Spurgeon won 1st place in the high jump and broad jump; Corzine won 2nd in broad jump and 4th in pole vault; Waterbury won 5th in discuss; Hayes won the dashes; and Arning won 2nd place in the quarter mile.
   At the conference meet Centralia won 1st place.  Spurgeon won 1st place in the high jump and broad jump;  Hayes won both dashes; Mooney won 1st place in high hurdles; Corzine won 1st place in pole vault; Waterbury won 2nd place in high jump; Arning won 1st place in the half mile.  The relay team won 1st place.
   At the state meet Spurgeon took 1st place in the high jump setting a state record in the same of 6 ft, 5 1/5 inches.  He also won 1st place in the broad jump.
   Thus the track team had a most successful season.”

 COACH: T.W. Clarida  A.L. Trout 



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