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Ray Starr
The Centralia Sports Hall of Fame
1989 Individual Award Winner


Starr was standout performer in the Centralia Twilight League where he was noticed for his strong and always ready right arm. 

In 1926, he began a professional baseball pitching tour that took him to over 15 different minor and major league teams before ending with the Cubs of 1945. On May 10, 1936, Star pitched a double header for Syracuse, winning the opener 9-0 and the nightcap 3-0 both complete games. Thatís a record!  

He had a pitching record of 245 wins and 195 losses, including a 37-35 major league record while pitching for the Cardinals, Braves, Giants, Reds, Pirates, and Cubs from 1932 through 1945.  Stan Musial says he saw his first slider from Ray Starr.

"Starr was nicknamed 'Iron Man' because he supposedly pitched more than 40 double-headers while in the minor leagues."


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