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Merrill Mooney
The Centralia Sports Hall of Fame
1982 Individual Award Winner


All-State football at CHS 1930; 251 career points, 39 career touchdowns; track; basketball; one of only three athletes to score varsity points in all four years in both basketball and football at CHS.

A Salute To Mooney
(copied from his Senior Yearbook)

"This year marks the graduation of one of the school’s most outstanding athletes.  Merrill Mooney’s achievements are so numerous that they cannot all be given in such short space; he has flung the Centralia banner high on fields of sport ever since his Freshman year.  He has shown his prowess in football, basketball, and track, every year winning a letter in each activity.  He is the only 12 letter man to be graduated from C.T.H.S.

He played on the regular basketball team three years and was substitute his first year.  In basketball he played the position of back guard two years and forward this year.  Every year, however, he was jumping center and then shifted to other positions.

Not only has he been successful in athletics, but in other activities his name has stood out.  He was the president of the Senior class this year, proving his ability of leadership.

No better proof can be given of his merit than his selection for the All-State football team this year.  He has in him the qualities that success is made of; a great worker, a great player, and a great hero in the eyes of all.  And so, Merrill Mooney, we salute you!

As a result, he has become one of the most popular and well-known students in C.T.H.S.  In thinking of the school’s outstanding students, his name unconsciously comes among the first in the minds of all."




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