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Joseph "Red" Langenfeld
The Centralia Sports Hall of Fame
2008 Individual Award Winner


While most people know Langenfeld from his officiating days in more recent times, many may not know he was the only pitcher on A.L. Troutís only baseball team at Centralia High School (CTHS) in 1947. 

The team played 14 games in the summer months and had a record of 12-2. They were conference co-champs with Harrisburg.  Langenfeld pitched every inning of every game, except for part of one inning when his arm was sore he switched places with catcher, Corky Locke, but quickly returned to the mound before the inning was over. 

He pitched three shutouts, 2 one hitters, 2 two hitters, and 2 three hitters and batted clean-up for the team. The most hits given up in any game were 8 as he averaged 12 strikeouts per game. Langenfeldís 12 wins by a pitcher in a single season is still a record at CHS. 

After high school, Langenfeld went to Arkansas State on a football scholarship. After one year, he transferred to Illinois to play baseball, but before playing a game for the Illini, he signed with the Chicago Cubs. After five years in the Cubs organization, he ended his career in Janesville, WI, and was released outright at his own request with a chipped bone in his elbow. He says his biggest mistake was going to Wisconsin where the weather was cold instead of L.A. where the weather was warm.  

Red didnít stay away from sports as he became an official and called basketball games for 31 years, football for 28 years and baseball for 20 years.



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